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Odyssey makes talent assessment accessible to all

Odyssey Talent Management (OTM) is a proudly South African assesstech company that was formed to address a clear gap in the assessment market: A locally developed assessment battery designed and developed from the ground up, catering for developing economies where many people are unable to find employment through the regular recruitment and selection channels.

Traditional screening based on education excludes many employable individuals. Traditional screening and assessment of numeracy and literacy only give you a reading of potential, but there is a range of other abilities and competencies which can also identify potential.

We believe that most assessment instruments have been designed for developing economies, where a minimum level of education and literacy is prevalent. In the instances where entry-level assessments exist, the constructs assessed by these tools are often limited (mostly verbal and numerical). Additionally, these traditional tools are spread among different providers and systems. As a result, they are fragmented and not bundled according to a clear competence framework into an elegant distribution system as a solution that is easy to use.

To address the above challenge, OTM designed a gamified, smartphone and tablet-enabled solution.

The Odyssey solution is the only entry-level solution we know of that has been built on a comprehensive competence framework. Thus, we do not only rely on numerical and verbal assessments. We have focused on ensuring that the Odyssey solution is not just a catalogue of tools we randomly add together based on what is available. Instead, deep thought has gone into each assessment included in the battery and the development thereof.

Some of our key differentiators are:

  • Odyssey Talent Management offers a truly local, high- or low-volume assessment suitable for entry-level jobs across sectors.

  • We have been developing psychometric, cognitive, simulation and gamified assessments for 40 years. This means that we understand the rigours needed for development of assessments, including conceptualisation, design, scoring, automation, mobilisation, validation and registration of assessment

  • We are a South African assessment and test developer. This means that we understand the technological, scholastic and language challenges facing the typical job seeker in developing economies

  • Our tools are not imported but built locally, specifically to address the typical challenges facing the emerging market workforce. For example:

    • Our assessments are not timed. This accounts for test anxiety, unreliable internet connectivity and language proficiency. While we measure the time taken to complete the assessment, our approach ensures that the candidate is not negatively impacted

    • We use adaptive testing techniques so that our games adjust to the proficiency level of the candidates to limit test anxiety and reduce feelings of inadequacy

    • Unlike other gamified assessment providers, our assessments are not data and graphic intensive, which reduces the cost and amount of data needed

    • The design and mechanics of our games and assessments take into account the digital maturity of the typical candidate in a developing economy

    • The games are not anchored in a foreign environment, meaning that the context of the games is such that they will resonate with the life experiences of the typical emerging market candidate

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