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How To Re-Energise Your Staff:

As an SME business owner, seeing your staff have Monday blues is one thing but having low staff morale is another. Low morale often leads to a downfall in productivity, staff output and employee engagement which all lead to severe consequences.

Ever wondered why some businesses seem to have a team that is always energised and ready with the next great idea, while others are simply counting down the hours till they clock out. Here are some quick tips to help reinvigorate your staff and help to remove unnecessary stresses.

Pause and relook at your strategic plan :

When the covid 19 started, we jumped in and were in a crisis management state. Now that we know a bit more of what we are in for, it's essential to step away from crisis management, pause and re-look at your organisations' and your teams' bigger picture goals, plans, support and the best way to move forward.

Know your people:

Each employee has their own personality, stress triggers and communication style. When you understand your people better then, you can help them manage their stress and bring out the best of them in difficult situations, keeping the entire team happy, energised and productive.

Ask for Feedback:

No one knows what your organisation needs more than your people. This is the time to listen to what they are struggling with and what can be improved. This open communication style helps individuals feel valued and more connected to their work and fosters trust- all important elements for an energised environment.

Celebrate everything:

Great leaders have always known the benefit of giving praise and recognition to their teams, but right now celebration is needed more than before. Celebrate any and all small and big wins and bring some fun into the workplace. This will boost energy and keep momentum and enthusiasm going on bigger tasks or projects.

At the end of the day, a team that works together stays together. This is bigger than simply working in the same office, but your team having the same goal and objective. The personal touch is where the magic happens

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thomas khabane
thomas khabane
Sep 13, 2022

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